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Wed, Sep. 3rd, 2014, 11:25 pm
Elder Parent Experience

Ms. Inez.
I went to see her today on my way to class.
Karl was just leaving along with 3 other of her friends.
I want to sing softly to her but I cant without feeling the tears atart to riae so I quietly massage her swolen hands and feet.

Her eyes were open when I arrived but because of the stroke she is not able to smile. She is bundled in blankets head to toe and every now and then the quiet is broken by the hum of the circulation pumps around her legs.

Karl and the group have been there since 9am (he mentioned the long day twice) and before they go whispers in my ear that she stopped breathing last night or the night before (maybe both) and cpr was required.
Good night mom.

Mom Mrs. Carol - well her graph clogged again Monday. Dad took her to the ER and after 3hrs it is realized that the person able to fix it will not be in until Tue, not that itatters because she has to take a special med for procedures of any kind 24hrs before hand because she is allergic to shellfish.
Yesterday she contacted Access the dialysis graph fixing ppl and got the med. She also got the head scan follow up to make sire her brain is still clear.
Today they fixed the graph she did her regular session.

Dad is well.