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Fri, Aug. 22nd, 2014, 07:56 am
Elder Parent Experience n cups of coffee...

While waiting at the hospital I had a cup of horrid strong coffee which I added several packs of sugar to that did not help mask the taste one bit.

Studying fingerspelling at the coffee shop and plan to stay awhile I ingest a triple espresso.

3am - still awake but finally drifting off

4:30am - awake - relocate to chair on first floor so I dont over sleep.

5am - dad comes to first floor and starts breakfast. (why?)

6am drifted in and out of sleep but now - Awake - start good mornings with dad and then this happens:

Me - Dad are you taking the vitimen in the cabinet?
Dad - not in a bit but I might start again, will have to see.
Me - ... ... Have to see?
Dad - doctor said it-cancer could be in the prostate, the bone scan and the biopsy did not pick it up but the psa numbers went from 27 - 44 and they should be between 4-12 and were not sure why (said all very conversational as if discussing a car fix).

It is now 7:54am - I start work at 9.

And so it goes.