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Fri, Aug. 22nd, 2014, 03:05 am
Elder Parent Experience, CoWorker-B

My biological parents are well.

Ms. Inez (one of my other mothers) is not. I spent a few hrs with the family this evening while the doctors of Mercy removed 99% of a blood clot from her lungs - Amen - she is in recovery. There are a ton of things going on with her but for now she is resting.

I had a doctors appt today complete with blood work so I guess I will hear back next week. The doctor (also a friend) asked if I wanted to try a weight loss pill....:|

After explaining that 2 options were meds and 2 were shots and reviewing what we have tried the last few months she/we noted that the extra walking is keeping my pressure down but its not consistent enough to effect my weight.

"Not consistent enough....", she looked at me and said "...why don't you want to loose weight? What is it inside that is preventing you? I have seen you be consistent in so many things. We discussed the logic and you know the answers. Many jump at the idea of of a pill to help...what are you hiding from?"
...I don't know.

We looked at each other yesterday deciding that we needed a sit down conversation.

Today we had dinner.
The long conversation that I had in my head boiled down to something a lot shorter, yes I'm becoming more reserved, no its not directed completely at you, some day Ill need more space than others...o.O ... :|

All true but by the time we got around to talking it seemed as if the full long conversation I had in my head was over kill. Of course what came out was understated but it was functional.