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Wed, Aug. 20th, 2014, 12:51 am
Coworker-B (CWB)

CWB - Catching me in the break room after a brief hello in the hall minus our customary brushing of hands or hugs or soft smile. "Are you mad at me or have you given up on me?"

Me - No, I'm not mad at you.

He was rushing to get his next client where as I had just finished for the day.

CWB - 'We will talk later?'

I nod.

Coworker-B; it has been rare that I have encountered someone whom I would like to keep in a non-platonic, non-vanilla sort of way. Unfortunately this one (though single) has barriers that prevent him from wondering down the rabbit hole I would so like to lead him along (we have had many conversations).

I'm taking a step back, not just from him.
We will have a conversation, maybe tomorrow.
Whatever the reason why these many random roads in my life are going nowhere if they are unable to be connected to something productive they are gone.

In other news I had a great day, lots of clients, three of my favorites, went to the movies (thumbs down for the teen turtles), mom time and now bed (skipped kinky karaoke) and now one of my favorite movies on tv with the timer on as I drift off to sleep - yea.